Queue Item can't be deleted or reseted


I created a queue item. Then I started a process that reads the transaction item, which changes the status of the queue item from “new” to “in progress”.

Now my process crashed and the queue item remains in status “in progress”. What I want to do is manually reset the queue item in the orchestrator to be able to restart the process. Or if that is not possible to delete the queue item.

Yet, in the orchestrator when selecting the transaction item, I can’t interact with it. All options are “grey”. Only the transaction details can be selected.


Thanks in advance!

Hi @PeCour,

For some reason UiPath is extremely slow in taking feedback from the community on this particular matter. In-Progress items are a pain-point!

You can find a workaround i suggest in these threads

I understand that in your case, you would want to get the items back in queue and not delete them. I am planning to write a tutorial on how to programatically get in progress items and filter based on reference and prepare the ItemData dictionary anew and send it to another queue or the same queue.

We use this approach to populate the queue in many of our process, which have to rerun using the same items in the queue (be it application exception, business exception or in-progress items).

Hi @jeevith,

thank you for the answer. Your workaround will work for us as well.

Further, I read in the thread that it is possible to delete them after 24 hours, which is also good to know.

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