How to delete New and In-Progress Transactions from orchestrator

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How we can delete all new and in-progress transactions from orchestrator queue.


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Hi @Rup_1

You can delete the New transaction with “Delete queue item” Activity

We can’t delete In-progress or other status

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To delete nee queue items we can do it in two ways

  1. If you have orchestrator access we can directly select the new queue items and delete them in orchestrator
    Provided you can delete only the new queue items

  2. If you don’t have orchestrator access and only from studio means use this activity
    Activities - Delete Queue Items

And for in progress item

Usually in progress is a queue item status once it is picked by the bot with GET TRANSACTION ITEM activity
So once picked we won’t be able to delete as it has to be processed
But still if you want you can change the status of that specific transaction item use this activity

Hope this would help you resolve this
cheers @Rup_1

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