Queue based trigger in orchestrator- problem

hi, my workflow is running fine in studio. I have used add queue items in workflow, once the condition satisfy, it add mail items to queue. means once a email comes and if it has a keyword, then it should add items to queue and write data into excel file. i have used append range, and in workflow, it reads only top 1 mail (IMAP).
Problem-1- When a mail is sent having that keyword, It runs through queue based trigger and shows message box also, but it is not writing data into excel. I am expecting that excel file should automatically update (It should add a row) Am i right.
But when i send a mail and run process through studio, it adds a row and write data properly into excel file.
Problem-2- All transaction item showing “new” status. In queue items, it is showing 86 remaining items. How to set transaction status when i am not using REframework.
Problem-3- Once we send a mail, its process is shown and runs through orchestrator after 15-18 minutes.
Problem-4- When i changed -“Maximum number of pending and running jobs allowed simultaneously” as 5, the robot kept on running, and not stopping. then even after making it 2, it is running continuosly. And when i made it 1, it is working fine and not showing any process to be pending.
Problem-5- Bot is running automatically after every 30minutes.

Please help anyone. I will be grateful if we can connect to solve this problem
my email id is “akhilsinghal988@gmail.com”.

Hello @akhils

Let’s start by checking on the following things to see if we can resolve the issues you have…

Problem 1:
Can you check whether you have given the full file path in the program? If you have not given the full file path, it might not be updated in the file you are looking at… Try giving the full path and publish to Orchestrator to see if it works… Let me know if you already have the full path given.

Problem 2:
So when using queue items, to process a queue item, you have to use the Get Transaction Item activity. This will change the status “New” to “In Progress” once it starts processing

Once you have completed the process, use Set Transaction Status activity to set the status as “Complete” or “Failed” based on the process output.

Problem 3:
Do you mean that the process uses the queue item that got added after 15 mins? and not right after it got added to the queue? You created a queue based trigger right?

Problem 4 and 5:
This sounds weird… Ideally it should not happen… Can you show some screenshots on how you configured the queue trigger?

@Palani_Yappan @Gokul001 @Lahiru.Fernando @Yoichi
Problem-1- Got resolved when i give the full path of excel file.
problem-2- Got resolved, Used Get transaction item and set transaction status.- Have started getting the successful status.
problem-3-Yes it is showing after some time or it can be due to (Problem5 that i mentioned) That it is running after every 30min.
Problem 4-5-
ExcelDataABCED.xlsx (10.4 KB)

Current problem- The robot is running only after every 30minutes, it checks the queue and write the latest data correctly. but as i have used queue based trigger, it should run immediately as soon as a mail is recieved.

Once i changed value of “Maximum number of pending and running jobs allowed simultaneously.” as 2, it kept on running, and 2 processes were shown to be in pending state.
and there are 91 transactions showing pending, and then the robot will keep on triggering.

Problem- If we run it manually from orchestrator, it takes mail transaction from previous ones, not the latest mail.

Please help, the issue is that bot is running after every 30 minutes, but i have used queue based trigger, then as a mail comes, it should immediately trigger.
If within that 30minutes we get the mail, it executes the latest mail. and if no mail is recieved with those 30minutes, then it take some previous transaction that was showing in pending state.
I tried changing the time zone, but it has no effect.

Issue resolved

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