Questions: Trigger Based Attended Automation


I’ve been dabbling in Trigger Based Attended Automation documented here:

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Do we implement only one activity out of the three that are positioned in parallel?
  2. Or can all three of them trigger the same event that we build in the Event handler?
  3. How many Monitor Agent Actions can a project handle?
    For example, I tried to add another Monitor Agent Action below the existing one, but it was not triggering any automation


Ok, found my answer to 1 and 2 here:

I understand that trigger based automation is based on any of the trigger, the event handler is executed. But Pls clarify > How the project is been triggered? If the person doesnt have UiPath installed in his machine… How can this be initated to get listen to the triggers?

since the project is not hosted in the orchestrator, How the Trigger based automation will be kickstarted? Also, is it good to run in the background all the time to listen the trigger?

Hi @Pradeep.Robot,
The triggered robot needs to be installed on the user machine. It has to be manually started so that it can listen to the type of event it has been designed to listen to.

A couple of months ago, I built a robot which captures screen shots, and then when I click a different key combo, it puts all of those images into a word doc and saves them.

I will revisit this project (that’s on the shelf as of now) and get back to you with details if any.

Hi @AndyMenon , Thanks for your reply. So, how the trigger based automation run in production. Say if am doing a project for hospital receptionist, the system will not have UiPath studio on it. but what license to be installed over there? from studio, when we start running the project, the project listens for a trigger to kick-start… Since, orchestrator and the studio will not be available for the user to kick-start the project, am just curious how the user will kick-start this project for the automation to start?

I will defer this to licensing experts here on this forum. But to my knowledge:

I’m not sure if we can install “Robot only” if the product is not licensed. For CE users, you have to install the CE Studio to get a Robot.

There are different ways to kick off a robot without an Orchestrator - there is documentation in UiPath that describes this in detail:

Maybe you might want to create a batch file and add it to the Start up programs so that the robot starts up automatically when the user boots up her machine.