Best Practices: Triggers for Multiple Events

I am working on a process in which 1 unattended bot will need to be continuously monitoring an Outlook inbox and also a shared drive directory and execute different functions based on the trigger.

What I want to make sure is that if a trigger is detected at the same time as another trigger, that the second trigger workflow is executed immediately after the first.

For example, if the bot detects a change in the shared drive directory, it begins execution of a workflow. During the execution of that workflow, a new email arrives in Outlook. What I want is to have the shared drive workflow continued and completed then immediately have the bot execute the Outlook workflow without downtime.

Thinking through this, I came across the “Monitor Events” Activity and was wondering if it would work in the way I envision. I recognize that I can have multiple triggers and outcomes in a “Monitor Events” activity, but would the execution of one workflow halt the constant monitoring of events OR would each event go into some sort of queue?

Additionally, would this be in line with “Best Practices” for this kind of automation? Is there another activity I should be looking at?

Thanks for the help

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