Question to ask stakeholders when a BA analyse a process

I was delegated to do documentation and analysis for a possible rpa process. I want to move to BA career path and I want to ask you something.

What are the questions you must ask a stakeholder or the person who show you the process?

Questions like “How many people are involved in the process?”
“How stable are the apps you are using and if they are updated frequently?”
“What errors do you encounter when you do this process?”

I am nervous and I want to cover most scenarios. Can you help me with some exemples from you experience?

If you do the BA training on UiPath Academy there’s a spreadsheet with a questionnaire. I have added to that for what’s important to the organisations I work with. Start with that though.

I always record the process, taking this saying from the military “don’t expect, inspect

People will tell you things incorrectly, either because they want their automation to be prioritised higher, or by mistake. You need to check everything yourself. Do the process yourself manually to make sure it is what they say it is. Check through hundreds of instances of the process to find anomalies that nobody told you about.
It’s usually more complicated than people let on - there’s a long long tail of variations in edge cases of business processes. You need to be able to draw a box around the high-value, lower-effort part and say “this is what we automate, the rest can be done manually”. Otherwise you’ll take much longer to release something that only provides a little bit more value.

If you design and build things properly and in an Agile way, you can do it iteratively so that later releases have those extra enhancements (if it makes sense to do so).

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Hi @adrianab.98,

  1. What is the current process and how is it performed?
  2. What are the business objectives that the process is trying to achieve?
  3. What are the business rules and exceptions that apply to the process?
  4. What are the inputs and outputs of the process?
  5. Who are the users or stakeholders involved in the process?
  6. What are the pain points or inefficiencies in the current process?
  7. What is the frequency of the process?
  8. What is the expected turnaround time for the process?
  9. What are the critical success factors for the process?
  10. What are the risks and challenges associated with the process?
  11. What are the data sources and systems involved in the process?
  12. What are the compliance and regulatory requirements for the process?
  13. What are the audit and control requirements for the process?
  14. What are the scalability and maintainability requirements for the process?
  15. What are the opportunities for automation in the process?

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