Process Design Considerations

Hello all,

I’m new to UiPath so any help is greatly appreciated. I’m meeting with a business process owner/SME to document a process that is going to be automated. I’m not actually building the bot but I’ll be passing along my business process design to a UiPath developer. The client has zero experience with RPA or UiPath but I want to make sure that I capture the appropriate details (from a UiPath developer standpoint) when I have this discussion. Does anyone have suggestions of generic high-level questions that a UiPath developer would need to know. Some examples might be: Are there keyboard shortcuts? Does a pop-up screen always appear when you make this decision, etc. I basically want to show them examples of things that are considered when building a bot in UiPath, as it relates to their business process. Thank you!

You should go through the Business Analysts tutorial.

Thank you! @skini76