Question regarding arguments


when we pass arguments from workflow 1 (IN/OUT) to workflow 2 (IN)

if the argument value changes in workflow 2 does that also need to be set to IN/OUT rather than IN only??? Please help some of my invoked workflows are taking long to execute and I think its behind the argument directions

if you want that, then you have your directions wrong… from workflow 2 you will need in/out…

so Workflow 1 will need IN and workflow 2 will need IN/OUT?

Good afternoon @J_Swali,

You only need the argument for workflow 2 set to IN/OUT if you want to use the changed value later in the process. If you don’t use the value after workflow 2, then leaving the argument as IN should be fine.

Why do you think the arguments are slowing down your process? Are you passing large datatables or other objects as arguments?

Hi, should the argument in workflow 1 remain IN/OUT?

Yes thats correct i change the value so i will set the argument to IN/OUT in Workflow 2

depends if the value will be created in workflow 1, but you want to change in workflow 2 and then send back to workflow 1, then IN/OUT in both… just make sure you dont use local variables with the same name as the arguments.