Use Arguments between workflows


I have a workflow where multiple workflows are integrated using Arguments and the “Invoke Workflow File”.

In the scenario where “Workflow 2” is invoked into “Workflow 1”, how do i use the variable/argument generated in “Workflow 2” in “Workflow 1”?

I have tried making an in-argument in “Workflow 1” and an out-argument in “Workflow 2”, but i don´t succeed in making the transfer.

Can someone help in explaining how to solve this?

BR Karsten

Hi @Karsten_Bertelsen

you can just need to transfer the out_argument of workflow#2 to a local variable in workflow#1

Hi @RoboHeart,
Thanks for the fast reply. How would you suggest that i do this?

As shown in the picture above you should invoke workflow2 in workflow1. Click on the “Import Arguments” button in this activity and set the out_argument value to a local variable you created for workflow1 (pay attention to have the same data type for the argument as well as the variable.