Its covering all the points in a synchronous manner and I love it. Check understanding Questions are amazing. Add more exam expected level questions to the end of a topic that will motivate us to learn more in depth.Thank you UiPath for the academy

We want to hear your feedback‌.
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Hi there! I completed the Automation Developer Professional certification, and I received my certificate. Can you clarify what the name of the certification is? The certification I received lists it as “UiPath Certified Professional Automation Developer Professional Certification” which is terribly confusing and repetitive.

Can you talk about more about the test?

It was great learning experience in UiPath academy that was covered exam point of view

Hello, I would like to thank you for this insightful training, I have an issue concerning the configuration project in the section of “building a REFramework project using Orchestrator queues”
I dindn’t find the four simple workflows to use in our project: Add Transaction, Close, ForceClose and Open. Knowing that he says in the video that " If you are building along, note that we have provided the workflow files for download."

But I can’t find them anywhere.

It was great learning experience in UiPath academy that was covered exam point of view

The exam gave me the foundation I needed to understand how I use UiPath in Citrix environments and how I can use the WebDriver protocol. Good education.

Hello, I just finished several courses related to “Reframework Enterprise Framework”, and I ran into several problems with UiPath.Studio. Like there are things that don’t match and errors on the platform. I left the one that complicated me the most in a question on the forum, but no one knew how to give me a correct answer, I’m pasting the link below in case someone can help me.

here is another.

Thank you for helping to improve our skills UI path.