PDF finding element

When I am trying to indicate text in pdf by using find an element in Anchor base. It is indicating the whole pdf file not a particular element like the “Date” field. Do I need to add any extension in pdf to indicate the particular element

Hi @NikhilRPA,
It seems like your pdf is image pdf or scanned pdf and that is why it is indicating entire pdf file.


@Deepak94 Than how come I need to achieve the goal of getting a particular element from pdf. I used Read pdf text and Read pdf with OCR but I am not getting accurate results or all elements from pdf

Hi @NikhilRPA

Are you using the Adobe pdf viewer to view and open the pdf file? Or something else? May be that’s why you are unable to get the anchor setup

Can you please try by pressing F3 while indicating the pdf. It should be able to select specific text from the pdf page.


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Hey @Lahiru.Fernando I am not using Adobe pdf to view or to open the file, I am using Perfect match pdf. Do I need to switch to Adobe to get Anchor set up

I’m not sure whether the pdf activities work with that tool. But for Adobe pdf I know it works… try installing that and see whether it works for you


Hello @Deepak94 Yeah it works for me for selecting specific element in PDF by pressing F3. But I am not able to get the results what ever I indicated element in PDF

Try using get Oct text activity and use the same F3 to select the text.
Hope this will work for you.


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