Can't select the specific region using Find Element


In the tutorial to the lesson 10 of the level 1 training it requires that I use the Anchor Base activity to extract the desired text. The problem is that I can’t select any specific region using the Find Element activity. It simply selects the whole window despite changing the UI framework. Look at the screen. I was going to select the label “Data” and then use the Get Text activity to extract the text connected to the data. But I can’t do it as it selects the whole window. What should I do?

Sorry, the solution has been found. I needed to uncheck “Enable assistive technology” in the Edit > Preferences > Accessibility of the Acrobat Reader as this articles states: No labels when trying to use Find Element in PDFs [Solved] - #4 by stevengoehler

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@MGMKLML, I tried that too. Still it does not work. What am I missing?

@savantsa Difficult to say to be honest, probably my solution above will help you