Description Train only of DU_Receipts 5.0 waits for available license - Run Attempt: 1

I have seen this error before but need resolution. When running a pipeline I’m getting a waiting for resources status. I have dbl checked that the tenant has the available licenses and ai center is enabled. Any thoughts?

Hi @bbimuyi
Is this status staying for some time even if you refresh the grid? If yes this is likely to be a license issue can you check that you have AI Robot available? To do so just click three dots button top right of the screen and license usage, you’ll see how many AI Robots are consumed and how many are allocated. Also please double check that you are not trying to use a GPU with that pipeline or, if that’s the case, that you have a GPU available.


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Hi @Jeremy_Tederry ,

Apologies if I missed something. But I have a similar issue for over 5 hours now. The pipeline is training on a dataset of 100 img files + 100 xml annotation files in this pipeline. I posted my question at an alternate thread below which I guess is irrelevant now. But, I have ran all the checks in your response and here are the screen grabs of my confirmations.

Check 1: Only 1 Pipeline currently active

Check 2: Two AI Robot Licenses, and no change has been made to this since the sign up for the Enterprise Trial!

Check 3: No GPU enabled in Pipeline

And yet, I have this message that is stuck on for almost 6 hours now!

Enterprise Trial: Pipeline stuck at “Waiting for Resources” for 5 hours! - Help / AI Center - UiPath Community Forum

In your check 1, I can see that you have only one pipeline but also 3 ML Skills, the AI robot are “consumed” (as you can see in check 2) by those Skills. You need to remove some of those Skills to free up one AI Robot si your pipeline can start running.


Hi @Jeremy_Tederry

I will follow your directions. But please correct me if I’m off on how I (mis)understood the licensing description on the AI Center page:

If this is the case, then shouldn’t two AI Robots be running 4 ML Skills and 2 Training pipelines to be fully consumed?

Because at this point in time, I have 3 Skills deployed and no pipelines running (before I attempted to run the one I am trying to).

Thanks for getting back to me!


I undeployed one of the older Skills and the ObjectDetection training pipeline ran but failed shortly thereafter. Now, I am not sure what kind of expertise is required to fix this error (a topic for a different thread :thinking: )

Unschedulable 0/13 nodes are available: 1 Too many pods, 1 node(s) had taint { present}, that the pod didn't tolerate, 1 node(s) had taint {task.mining/cpu: present}, that the pod didn't tolerate, 10 Insufficient memory, 11 Insufficient cpu.

But I hope the pipeline broke as a result of a resource limit on enterprise trials. As mentioned earlier the training dataset contains 100 image files + 100 image annotations.

thanks for your help in at least getting the pipeline up and running @Jeremy_Tederry !