Question in high density robot

I am thinking of how to distributed my rpa to several user. I create my account and install rpa into a robot inside machine by using uipath orchestractor. I want to give rpa for other users to run it at same time in every day. Then I saw the concept of high density robot in uipath document but I am confused in it.

  1. Does high density robot means users can run the same robot at same time in same machine? Or it must run in different machine?

  2. Does I need to open account for each user and install uipath robot in their computer for running?

  3. In my case, what is the most convenient way for each user can use the same rpa at same time?

  4. If I have more than one rpa and I stall them in same machine, can I run them at the same time?

I am hopeful if someone know the answer.

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Hi @Emily_Yip
Maybe this article might be helpful to you.

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Thanks for reply. But I still confused in the concept of high density robot. As my robot is an attended robot.
That means each users must have their own robot inside my account of same machine. And they can access rpa at the same time?

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Yes, on each user account we have to install one robot. By using High density robots, we can run same or different process at the same time in one single machine.

thanks @lakshman

It is clear now. So I need to first create account to several user. Then create robot for each user using same machine. I would like to use attended robot. Then should I add any more licenses? If yes, is that required to pay for it?



I guess you have to buy Unattended BOT licence then BOT can login into each user account.