Hi everyone, I hope you all are well. A question for anyone who can help. I need to open a website and do some searches from a pre-existing list of names in a CSV file. I’m already extracting the names from the CSV to a data table and successfully reading data table for each name. The problem is that on the web page that opens, for each name, there is a link at the name of each person, which needs to be clicked to continue the process, but I’m not able to “tag it”, for example, it processes successfully for the first name of the CSV/Datatable, but from the second name it cannot identify because it understands that it should look for the name of the first one existing in the table. A similar example would be when accessing the website (Busca Textual - Currículo Lattes) and typing “José Alejandro Moreno Alfonzo” in the “Busca Por” button and clicking on “Busca” button, notice that the name is a link I need to click to continue, but apparently it only works for the first name because when selecting it on the robot with an activity click, it understands that it should only click if it has the name José Alejandro Moreno Alfonzo

Have you used UIExplorer to see if there are anything other elements to look for?

If nothing there, does data in your CSV match the data in the currently selected element, like a name? If so, you can store that as a variable for use inside of your element.