UiPath unable to click link 3rd time through loop in Chrome

I have a program that is going through a list of names/unique identifiers and seeing if they’re in a database on Chrome.

The robot pulls the name and unique ID from a datatable and looks them up, and then does an if statement to see if the name/ID is in the system. When the name is verified as in the system the robot is supposed to click a button to edit a field on the webpage and then enter in a date in a field and press save. The robot then goes to the next row on the datatable.

The first couple of names (either 2 or 3) go through fine, and the robot can find all the buttons and fields to fill out. Then it just can’t find anything either and usually faults out or skips over the steps and goes to the next name in the datatable.

Any suggestions?


Hi @S.Robertson

Can you show us the selector in UIExplorer!


I can’t use the parentid and a lot of other identifiers because every time the page reloads the id is changed. I’ve tried doing both click and double click. I’m trying to access the edit button to the right of Special Handling.

Hi @S.Robertson If you are not able find the unique selector. I would suggest you use anchor base to click on the edit icon.