Question about UiPath Screen OCR

I saw there we are able to edit the OCR engine at the setting there.

And the below are the others question that I wanted to ask

  1. Saw the statement in the documentation

UiPath Screen OCR is available as a Cloud service as well as part of the On-Prem Linux Computer Vision.

-It means that the OCR activity can only be used in cloud when server is On-Prem Linux Computer Vision server?

  1. How to check whether the server I use is what type of server?

  2. If I just wanted to use the OCR click text activity and run via the Cloud Orchestrator, using the unattended robot on the virtual server, do I need to edit the default OCR engine?

Thank you.

Hi @g_ii

What it means it OCR is available with as cloud service for cloud orchestrators and for on-prem it is available in linux servers

There are paid and free ocr engines available. Whenever you drag a ocr engine if it asks for API key then it is paid and you need a license. Else you can use it for free one such example is tessaract ocr


I saw that statement in the link below

It write this : UiPath Screen OCR is available as a Cloud service as well as part of the On-Prem Linux Computer Vision.

And when I click into the On-Prem… Vision, it shows " Linux CV Server" 's documentation

Thus, wanted to ask whether it means that the UiPath Screen OCR can only via cloud orchestrator when the server is Linux CV Server

Hi @g_ii

Cloud orchestrator is different from On Prem orchestrator

On- Prem orchestartor means the orchestrator which you installed on your own server. Cloud orchestrator is hosted on another server and you access it but you do not host it( like the community Orchestrator is a cloud orchestrator)


Currently my company is using the On Prem Orchestrator and wanted to change to Cloud Orchestrator. And also wanted to change the server. Thus wanted to check whether the OCR activity will causes any error.

Hi @g_ii

If you are moving to cloud then you will have all the available ocr activities that should not be an issue. Only on on-prem you have a different requirement of server and support set


Oh, I thought that the cloud one also have the requirement on the server :sweat_smile:

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Sorry that I just cancel the solution tick, as I suddenly remember one minor things about the OCR license that I wanted to ask.

I didn’t saw the license that did stated can support the paid OCR engines.

And I have the unattended robot license, does the license contains the paid OCR?

If didn’t contain, if I am just using a OCR click text activity, will it affect?

Thank you.

Hi @g_ii

If you are using free ocr then no license is needed . If you are using any paid service then the necessary license is needed,it%20is%20free%20to%20use.
Which OCR engines are free with enterprise license

If you are using free ocr it is like any other activity you have like a normal click activity and no license for it


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