I'm looking for advice on OCR software

I have a large number of handwritten notebooks which I would like to scan and turn into type written documents and am looking for advice on which are most effective.


In my opinion and experience Abby flexi capture OCR integration with UiPath would give better results. thanks.

I recommend Google Cloud Vision OCR

Hi @b2m13j10v21

This might be useful.


Thank you.

Many thanks for your information.


Brian M. Leahy

I’ve been working with different OCR engines for more than 10 years and the best results with handwritten documents I’ve seen were from Google Cloud Vision OCR

You can try it before obtaining an API through the web page:

Many thanks, I will give it a try. PS, What is an API and what web page?

Regards, Brian L

I indicated the link in previous post. This web allows you to try recognition and results. Google Cloud Vision has other features apart from OCR that in this case won’t be used

The API is the “channel of communication” available from Google to your application in your case, your UiPath robot. But don’t worry because UiPath activities are already prepared to communicate to Google you will just have to indicate an API Key obtained from Google Cloud Console.