Question about the retirement of the Legacy support

So I know that support for “Windows-Legacy” projects is going away soon and we’ll no longer be able to use it, and all new Projects will need to use “Windows” instead now. But everyone at work is questioning if we need to also start using the “Modern Design Experience” as well, there’s a lot of debate going on over that.
The people saying we do need to use it are saying it’s because when the Legacy does finally get removed so will the ability to opt out of the “Modern Design Experience” so we must start getting used to it’s quarks now. While others have noted that in the “Windows” projects there is still the option to opt out of that and so it’s waste of time since it’s not going to be required anytime soon so it’s just for those who find that experience more useful but not something everyone needs to do so those who can work more efficiently with it off don’t need it on.

What is the right answer here? as in is it just that the Legacy platform is going away and the Modern experience will remain optional on the new platforms or is that also slated to be removed at some point?


As of now there is no timeline given for depreciation of classic activities but yes soon there are high chances of those being removed as most of the activities are converted and also new experience like object repo cannot be used with classic activities .

Hope this helps


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