Classic or Modern?

I’m currently learning to use Studio and I’m working through the UI Automation course.
I’ve completed the module for the Modern experience and I’m in progress with the Classic.

But can someone please explain to me if it’s necessary to learn both?
Do they each have their own advantages, in a “horses for courses” way?
Or is Classic only included for backward capability?

The training material doesn’t seem to explain this.

Any advice gratefully received.

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we do see a shift to modern and would give priority
In case of you will get in touch with classic (e.g. within your Job work) then it is also needed for you
In case of you want to have advanced expert skills then classic is also recommended for trailing the history and evolution

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You got it right already.

Classic experience needs to be understood to have the legacy UiPath systems migrated. Couple of things to be considered and beware of.

Modern experience will be the next thing and it’ll be permanent (at least now we can say).

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First step - complete your course in classic mode only after go and watch modern mode…

View options->check Show modern in activities modern

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Modern is much better than classic. The way it manages attaching to windows, the new Check App State, the way selectors work - all enormous improvements.

Any automation you build from here on out should be in modern, IMO.

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Thank you all very much for your advice.

Kind regards,



Both has its own advantages

Here you go with a exact difference between them which will eventually let you decide what to proceed first based on your need

Cheers @J_K1

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Thanks @Palaniyappan,

Now it’s starting to make sense :grinning:



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