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I am still using classic design. I heard that classic is going to be deprecated. Does that mean I have to rewrite the bots in modern in-order for them to work? How soon classic will be deprecated?

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Hey @A_Learner

There is no need to rewrite the process but just to migrate the orchestrator setup to modern folder !

When I say migrate, it is to move your setup like Assets, Queue, Process etc… to modern folder.


do not missmatch classic design & modern design with classic folder and modern folder

Yes, about migrating from classic folder to modern folder we should plan in the next phases at least


Hope classic design not to be deprecated I still prefer it

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No info as of now on that, @dokumentor

was not my statement


I am using the classic design too. UiPath haven’t informed anything about it. Going forward if you heard such type of news, first don’t get nervous :slight_smile: please make sure you go through the UiPath docs or forum or reach out to other UiPath folks to confirm

Hello @A_Learner ,
With the advancement of features and technlogies, Uipath is implement more precise solutions and architecture to build the automations with ease and with more security.

So the classic to modern is also a needed transformation according to the technology. But it doesn’t mean they will depreciate it soon. If you are going to work on a new automation process, it is suggested to do that with Modern design and modern folders. Because all the enhancement will be happening from this modern design now.

Thanks Everyone! @ushu @dokumentor @ppr @Nithinkrishna @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

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What does it mean by “do not
Mismatch classic design and modern design with classic and modern folders”

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Hi @A_Learner,

What @ppr meant was to not mix the two things :

  1. Classic Design Experience and Modern Design Experience are related to UiPath Studio activities.
    You can find some of the differences in this link
    Modern Design Experience

You can use the new features by making sure the modern design experience is enabled in your automation projects. Starting with Studio 2021.10, the modern design experience is enabled by default for all new projects. To find out what changes it brings, read about the differences between modern experience and classic experience.

  1. Classic Folders and Modern Folders are related to UiPath Orchestrator.

This website is actively maintained by UiPath to communicate upcoming removal and deprecations.

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