Question about folders in UiPath Project

Using the new enterprise version of UiPath, I see that when a project is opened a folder .project is created. This folder contains two files called design and PackageBindingsMetadata. What is the use of these files?. My final goal is to know if these files contain something critical or if I can safely ignore them using Git.

Hi @ivkali,
This design file contains the project tags which can be added either in the Project Settings → General → Project tags field, or in the first step of the Publish process.
It is used in Orchestrator, it should help users to find easier an automation project which is using a given application, if the application name was added as a tag to the project, for example. More docs here and here.

The other file has meta data of packages. More details here.

It is advisable to not change the structure of the project generated by Studio. All .folders need to reach source control to work properly. If ignored, you may experience unexpected behaviour.

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Thanks for the Answer, design seems quite clear. We do ignore files because a lot of files seem to change locally and we don’t want them to end up in the repository or constantly having conflicts. We don’t use the integrated Git of Studio.

For PackageBindingsMetaData, is there anything that is related to the code that might change? So for design you might add tags and it would probably be a good idea if the next person also has access to these files. Is there anything in the PackageBindingsMetaData that is not automatically created when a new project is opened?

I would love to know ,as @ivkali said, what to do with those additional folders, when every time new user is downloading project from the GIT it is creating new files for him. Why is it happening.

As @ivkali said it cause conflicts in GIT :frowning:

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Is there anyone with an answer to the last questions?