Get Folder Path of Project Using a Activity

I am getting the Folder Path of my Project in my workflow using “Environment.CurrentDirectory”. But when I created a activity out of the workflow “Environment.CurrentDirectory” gives me the path for the Nuget Package Library instead of the path for my project.

Anyone know what I can use as a substitute for “Environment.CurrentDirectory” to return the path of my project when using it as a activity?

Hi @Terry_Lars

yes environment.currentdirectory gives nuget packages folder since the project has been copied and moved to this folder when we publish

what i would is give the project folder path in an asset or excel or text file and read the folder path from the any one of the source

Hi @prasath_S

Is there any way other than adding it as a asset or as info inside a file? Maybe there is a function or property I can use.

No not from me @Terry_Lars as it is in completely another path , maybe if you know a common folder we can loop through the directories and check if the folder can be found.