Query in UIautomation

My Basic Project Requirement-

  1. Bot should run in the invisible mode.
  2. Bot should be embedded in the desktop application.
  3. Bot should be running all the times.
  4. Bot should do discovery on the active screen.

Is it possible things for RPA?


Let’s go one by one

Yes it is possible with unattended robots
Provided it is signed out and not shut down
A power off machine won’t be able to trigger a bot in unattended mode

You can install the robot to a machine so that it runs in that specific machine as a bot agent
Not sure what you mean like embedding

Yes it is possible again with triggers in uipath orchestrator

It will ofcourse based on property we have set with each UI based activities like enabling simulate type, simulate click or send window message properties
Or it is possible other set of activities like get active window

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @Himanshu_Pratap_Rana

In First Step my requirement
1.Can we work with window app if user working on
2.Without install any bot agent because there are several user,I want add with window app
3.Without orchestrator,agent,studio…Is it possible.
4.Discovery means Monitoring every data,means which activity click by user


Well unless your bot doesn’t rely more on UI Elements then it is possible to run in background

[quote=“Himanshu_Pratap_Rana, post:3, topic:362797”]
Without install any bot agent because there are several user,I want add with window app
[/quote]we would require a robot to be installed in a machine
Only then automation will execute as robot is the part of software that runs the bot

Without orchestrator we can use studio and robot alone
Even without studio we can have robot alone
But without robot we won’t be able to run the job
And in order to develop the bot we need studio

You can do that either with execution logs or orchestrator logs

Monitoring execution logs is quite difficult when compared to orchestrator logs


I’m trying to automatically generate the RPA event logs which capture various human-computer interactions, such as keyboard strokes and mouse clicks (from an window base app)