Python scope not working, no error also

Looks like python scope is not working in upgraded version. Path everything is correct for Python. But I added Python package and trying to load script etc. Its not doing anything. It just shows Partially executed.

Hi, I have a similar issue, the activity do nothing and no error but I don’t see the “Partially Executed” message. I don’t know what I’m doing bad:
Path: “C:\Program Files\QGIS 3.24.1\apps\Python39”
Target: x64
Version: Python 3.9
Can anyone help us?
Thanks in advance

Hello @Ranjit_Nayak1
Provide the working folder as your script folder and try to execute the process

Thank you but it doesn’t work, it’s like the activity doesn’t find the .exe file and it waits for it because it doesn’t execute nothing after the python scope.

Try this,
Open Command Prompt
type–> where python and press Enter
Copy the path and provide it as the path in Python scope

If I put exactly what “where python” returns I obtain an error. If I use the path “C:\python3” occurs the same, the program do nothing

Hi @Ranjit_Nayak1

Just to double check, could you do the simple test from the topic below?

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I have similar issue, process stuck at Python Scope and give no response.
I found RC is converting to Windows and then problems occurs, if revise back to earlier project then it is ok.

Not sure if we have same RC, but worthing trying.

I got help from UiPath support and this issue got resolved after having the python dll path updated in the library path as shown below

I was able to run python code after installing .NET 5.0.17 Desktop Runtime and by providing below settings for Python Scope Activity v1.6.0.

For Python 3.9.16:
Path: “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python39”
Working Folder: Working folder of the script.

For Python 3.10:
Library Path: “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\python310.dll”
Path: “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310”
Working Folder: Working folder of the script.

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Hi, I am still facing this issue. Are there any fixes to this?
Python scope is working fine with the projects made in Windows-legacy model, but the same code when copied to a latest Windows project, it’s getting stuck in python scope. No error at all!

> This one works fine


Please assist, as this is kind of very annoying.

please install .NET Desktop Runtime 5.0.17 Download .NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime (v5.0.17) - Windows x64 Installer (

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Hi @amithvs

Would you mind giving the two workarounds/fixes mentioned above a go and reporting back if the issue persists?

Hi, I installed the .NET desktop runtime and the bot is working fine now. Thanks a lot.

Just a question:

  1. Do we need to install the same when migrated to a production VM?

Hi, the above fix seems working fine. Can we expect a permanent fix from UiPath’s side any time soon? May be a package which is compatible with the latest windows update or something.

Since it requires additional installation with admin access, a lot of process has to be carried out for approval on an organization level.

Yes, .net 5.0.17 runtime installation is required.

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