Python 64 bit compatibility with UiPath Studio 2018.4.0

I have recently installed UiPath community edition 2018.4.0 on my windows 7 64-bit OS. I am using python 3.5.4 64 bit . I am trying to execute a python script within my sequence.I am facing issues as it is not able to find the path within Python Scope.
When I read through the forum, some of the users mentioned that UiPath does not support 64 bit python versions.
Can someone tell me more about it.
Is there an any work around I can try?

Hi @pratosha.hegde

Actually, the Python activity pack became open source :slight_smile:

You can post your issues there or even directly contribute to the activities :slight_smile:
(all commits will still be approved by UiPath stuff)


Hello @loginerror
Thanks for sharing the link.
How can I import the dll’s present under \Community.Activities-master\Activities\Python\3rdparty\x64 into the UiPath studio?

Hey @pratosha.hegde

It Does…!! :slight_smile:
My community version is Studio 2018.4.0-beta.102


and it works well :slight_smile: :wink:



Hello ,
I am currenty using - Uipath studio 2018.4.1 community edition.
I have changed the target under input parameters to x64. I have also chosen python_35 as version
I am getting an invalid path error. -Python Scope: The specified Python path is not valid: C:\Users\hegdepra\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python35\python.exe

hey @pratosha.hegde

Just use this path and better to set Auto in version selection.

one thing - The Above path is not look good. Python installed on your system?
if it is show it should be like C:\Python36_64 or if you will have installed with Visual Studio then path will be like

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Shared\Python36_64"

but if your python.exe is there exists that use that path how i mentioned above.

Let me know if you are still facing problem with this :slight_smile:



Thanks Aksh1yadav !! That did work :slight_smile:

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