Python 3.7 compatibility with UiPath

Hi. Is Python 3.7 version already compatible with UiPath Studio? I’ve been reading a thread that it doesn’t, but that was almost a year ago. Could anyone clarify? And if its already compatible, can anyone help me with my issue? Thanks.

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welcome to uipath community
I m using python 3.6
And it’s working fine
In the python scope activity if we don’t find the option of choosing version 3.7 we can go for Auto option
If that doesn’t work still we can call the python script as a bat file and that would work for sure

Hope this would help you
Cheers @jomsamago

Hi. Yes, I’ve already selected the auto mode. I’m still encountering “Python Scope: Could not detect Python version”

may i know what object we are trying to fetch from the python script we are about to run
Cheers @jomsamago

I’m not running any code yet. I’m just testing if it could recognize the path. See attached photo.

Here is the path I’m using in the path input in Python scope:C:\Users\zipe0283\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37-32

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hmmm Fine
i hope its not yet compatible with 3.7
if possible kindly try with 3.6 version that is actually working fine
Cheers @jomsamago

In Manage Packages I see that there is an installation kit for Python v3.8? This means that uiPath is compatible with this version?

In Python scope activity the latest version is 3.6

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Hi, is there any solution to this? I am trying now in Feb’20 trying to follow simple example of invoking python script -

I have installed Python 3.8 32-bit latest version. It is not available in drop-down for python scope. If I choose auto, then it says could not detect python version. If I choose Python_36 instead, then I get “error loading python script”.

I also cannot install python 3.6 because on the python website it says “no files for this release” - Python Releases for Windows |

Please do assist if any solution available for this. I want to use UiPath together with Python. Thanks!

As of today version 3.7+ is still not supported by UiPath. I have an installer of 3.6.4 in my local machine but I can’t upload it here because of file size limitation.


You can download python 3.6.8

Hi , i am facing same issue as per this thread , am getting error in “Load Python Script” activity. I have latest python release 3.8.x and if you go to all versions of python got end of life , only available is 3.8.x , now if UiPath doesnt support 3.8.x - what is the way forward. Can you please help how to invoke Python script using VB.NOT , i have tried with WSCRIPT , not working.


You can download lower python versions here: Python Release Python 3.6.8 |

Hi folks,

I saw v1.3 has been released for python package.

However, it only links to the source code. Any idea how to get the .nupkg for it?

Seems like the updates are not yet made available for updates in UiPath Studio (Community) too as I was unable to see option to upgrade it.

Appreciate any responses

Thanks in advance!