Python Automation in Uipath

I have my python script ready and wish to integrate it with Uipath. I am facing problem doing so. Can anyone show me a step by step flow on how to integrate my script with uipath. Many answers from the forum are either outdated or not very descriptive. I also have multiple functions within my python code.

Thank you.

please refer these. might help you

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Hi @Vidwa thank you for addressing the issue, but Im again stuv=ck in the loophole of not able to run my python code still. I either keep getting the Invalid path error or Python Version not recognized, I’m using Python 3.7.1

Hey raman09,

As of now, Uipath only supports version of Python to 3.6(32 bit)
So, try running the script with 3.6 version of Python.

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Rahul P

Technically, as seen in the documentation, it is now supporting 64bit:

It might be interesting to you that we have recently enabled our community to contribute to some activity packages, including the Python one. You can see the source code here, as well as register bugs/features you would like to see :slight_smile: