PUTTY with UIpath

I need to scrap some data from a .txt file on PUTTY and have that write in an excel sheet.

Suggest something…?

Have you tried using CV activities?

But putty is something a command prompt based and we are not able to open files, how you are trying to open the text file? Can you please post the screenshot :slight_smile:

This allows you to send commands and retrieve output

I have opened putty by using OPEN APPLICATION and then have used type into & SEND HOTKEY to open the specific directory, in which that .txt file is stored.

What i need is to copy that data of the .txt file in an excel sheet.
The file has data regarding some accounts which i cannot share.

I have tried using Screen scrapping with OCR and also have increased the scale from 1 to 3 but the scrapped data is still not right.

I also have tried using Read text file and thought of using a DataTable activity after it, but couldn’t get the desired o/p.

You can open putty using open application activity. and then you can use type into and sent hot key activities to work with commands.