Publishing Process getting Error "The package Size is Too large"


Im trying to Publish process i got an error!


i just created simple and sample process again same error is Coming. Please Resolve this. already i Upload Image once check that

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I need solution Yar

You can refer this. I found this in our forum

Hi @chinnapureddy03
Please create an account on and then mapped all the required configuration with orchestrator (i.e machine name, key etc). Your problem would be resolved.

UIPath Robot Settings (inside icon tray):

UIPath Orchestrator Settings (inside robots tab):

If you still need any help, feel free to ask.

Thanks It’s Working @Khizer_Najeeb

Your welcome @chinnapureddy03 :slight_smile:

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i am unable to open uipath robot settings. will you help me on this

@Manjuts90: What error are you getting?

@PD2 i had problem with version of uipath. Its working fine now