Published process Executing Projects in Remote Desktop


I am using a remote desktop on server for executing projects. The projects work fine when I am connected to the server and having it’s desktop on my screen but when I don’t have (and it is executing on background) only the elements like data scraping and excel activities are working but the elements like click (which are needing visual elements I guess) are not working. Because of the poor desing of some programs I can’t use data scraping instead of click and hotkey elements. Any idea of the settings on server?

Hello @anis1

Try the below solution it will work


Hi, thanks @Ajju . Unfortunately it is still not working. When I am offline from the server my workflow runs correctly all the excel activities but stops before the first click activity. If I log in while the project is running I notice that immediately after the desktop appears to my screen the robot continues clicking and running the project.

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Please see here for a few clues: