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When I try to publish my project from Studio shows me a publish test case option, and not regular publish. I understand this could be because this is in a testing license and not developers license. Would you be able to help me resolve this?




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I think you are trying to create test cases for a workflow and have enabled SET AS PUBLISHABLE

To revert back to your workflow draft, right-click the workflow and select Ignore from Publishing .

Have a view on this doc for more ideas and steps to be followed

Cheers @Purnima_S

@Palaniyappan Thank you so much. I don’t see to see the option of ‘Ignore from Publishing’. Also one thing to make it clear I want to publish my project in the regular way not vis test cases’. I went through your link it talks about publishing test cases. Thanks for your guidance. Please view the snapshot and help me publish the project in the regular way.

Hope my requirement is clear

Thanks !

@Palaniyappan attaching my second screen shot

Fine can you share your workflow as a zip file if possible

Hi @Palaniyappan It says new users cannot upload Zip file. Do you have an email

Also I don’t think this is project specific issue, even if I open a new project i am still unable to publish

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