I'm not getting the option to publish the test cases

I have created the test case as Set as Publishable but still i’m not getting the option to publish the test cases.

Can anyone please suggest what i did wrong?

HI @vaibhav2.chavan,

You are doing it the right way.

You have to click on Publish only. IT gets published the same way as any other automation project. There is no separate option like Publish test cases.

Please do it and you should be able to create test set on orchestrator then.


HI @vaibhav2.chavan,

Any update on this?

Are you able to resolve this?

Looks like you are not on studiopro license thats why not able to see that option.


Hi @vaibhav2.chavan,

I looked at your screenshot again and it seems like you are on studio version not the studio pro version.

To be able to publish test cases, you need to have studio pro license allocated.

Could you please check on orchestrator which license is allocated to you?

Also can you share screenshot of your studio version by going to Home page and checking in the bottom left corner, it should show something like this?



hi @vaibhav2.chavan you might have taken test Automation template while creating project

if you create normal process right click on main add test case
set test case as publishable than you can get publish test case option

now this test case can be seen under test case section, testing section on your orchestrator

let me know if you are facing in any step