Publish Test Set Option Not Available In Uipath Studio(Enterprise)

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I want the option Publish test case in uipath studio and also there is no option to create test case in a project.

Please help me out. Thanks in advance…

Hi @Robo669,
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Could you explain it little bit more. What is test case?

Hi @Pablito

thanks for your promt reply.

In the attached image you can see that I dont have option to publish test cases.

Please help me out!!

Publish test cases is possible only using Studio Pro. Are you on Enterprise plan or Community Edition?

Hey @Pablito

Yes, I am using enterprise studio. Can you tell me how to publisah test cases in enterprise?

Thanks in advance…

If you are on Enterprise please make sure you bought the right license. From you screenshot I see you have Studio (not Studio Pro) installed. Please contact with your UiPath Partner or Sales person.