Publish PowerBI Report - Errors with Type Into and Click

I’ve created a UiPath automation for opening a PowerBI desktop file, hitting refresh (which reimports a fresh SQL query – which uses my Windows credentials so I can’t set this up automatically in PowerBI either), saving, and then attempting to Publish.

The Type Into Activity does not work in PowerBI Desktop Version: 2.124.1805.0 64-bit (December 2023). It creates a long pause (20+minutes) because it can’t identify UI elements to Type Into to select the appropriate workspace to publish the report into. Click similarly does not work as it can’t find an anchor due to PowerBI’s nonstandard approach to Windows 10 UX. Both fail on run.

Is there a way to automate refreshes on an attended machine?


Did you try with cv activities?

Or using cv selectors in modern activities?


My Solution: I created a new Use App/Browser activity wholly contained within the main Use App/Browser Activity for PowerBI itself. This new subactivity treats the Modal Window as a separately open Application Window and is then able to Type or Click into. A little wonky as I would normally expect to Type Into / Click on the main Use App/Browser Activity’s card. However, these model windows are opened as if they are entirely new windows so it would break if the Type/Click tasks were in the parent card.

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