Download the report from the website

This is my first coding in UiPath. I am trying to download a report from one of our websites. But I am facing the attached error.

Please advice. Thank you.

Other than Go to UiExplorer and check it

ashwin S

Hello Ashwin,
Thank you for your reply.
Could you please explain what I am supposed to do?

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Hope you want to type into that field using type into activity then Why we use a click before to that outside that filed
There are two choices either we can click on that field using click activity
Followed by that we can use a type into activity with input string


We can directly use a type into activity alone without a click activity
So in the type into activity enable the click before typing property, Emptyfield property, and simulate type property in the property panel

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @RPASE

Hi Palaniyappan. Thank you for the feedback.
I removed the click and used only “Type into”. But I am still getting error.

It should work
Is simulate type is enabled in the property panel of type into activity
Cheers @RPASE

I have enabled the simulate type. I see that the previous error is gone. But I have a new error.

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I want to generate the report as of today’s sys date.

I can able to see the input in type into activity
Is it getting failed in type into activity
Kindly check that once by running in debug mode

Cheers @RPASE

When I tried to run in debug mode , I can see it is running. May I know when the bot is running, wont it type the system date into the field? I dont see it. But fantastic, I got the report generated.

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May be it would have typed as the simulate type property will be much faster will entering input
Cheers @RPASE

Try with select item activity for selecting a country from a drop down

Cheers @RPASE

I have many countries in the drop down like below. Hence I wanted the drop down arrow to be clicked and click again on the search button to search for the specific countries.

Any recommendations on my above challenge?

Thank you

So were you able to type on to that field

If so we can use type into activity and use a send hot key with key as enter so that it will select the item from the drop down we want
Kindly check that once you are able do that manually and then repeat the same with uipath as well buddy

Kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @RPASE

Could i check if I want to click a button (action link) on the screen, what should I take note of?
Click ‘A groupNode_workforce_…’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

can you check the same for unselected items try to uncheck tag and id and try to check the selector by click on highlight

Ashwin S