Publish library locally vs to Orchestrator

I created a library project. I have just been publishing locally and copying the nuget packages into Studio/Packages folder. It has been working, no problems there.

Publishing to orchestrator, when publishing a new version a of library, i would still need to update package to newest version in processes using that library right?

What is the difference in publishing locally vs to orchestrator?
Is there a way for automation thst processes with library will install latest version on their own?


Functionally there is no difference it’s just simpler to publish directly to Orchestrator.

Technically yes but I wouldn’t recommend it. You could break your automations. That being said, if you really want to do it, you have to delete the existing library from Orchestrator, delete it from your robot servers in all the user folders, then publish your new code with the same version number. Basically you’re replacing the package with a new package of the same version number.

However, that’s all fairly dangerous and I highly recommend against it. Plus there’s not guarantee the new library will work properly with your process - that’s why you open the process, update the library dependency, test and publish.

Okay thanks. Then it works as I expected.

I have been working with Dynamics AX 2012 and there is a process that is exactly the same in some projects so I created a library they can call with some variables. If selector does not work anymore suddenly ( has happened ) then I would need to change in library and publish, get latest version in projects that use it and publish those as well.

It will just need to be that way, AX is not really RPA friendly like has been said before :slight_smile: