How to link the Upgraded Library with the existing already old published Process?

Hi All,

How to link the Upgraded new Library with the existing already old published Process? so that after publishing the new version of the Library into the tenant it will automatically get linked with the Process as well ?


You can’t. You’ll have to open each individual project, update the dependency, then republish the project.

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Hi @postwick

If we delete the old Library versions from orchestrator Library and Publish the new Library version just by changing the Version name as it is same like New Version =1.0.1 and publish it there ,will it work? just assume in the current process also this library version is same (1.0.1)


Is there any reason keep the name of the version same?
It is hard to give same name of a different version project in the uipat assistant.

Hi @Ritesh_Burman

  1. It will publish without any issues. But make sure you’re deleting the package not only in Orchestrator, but also in the nuget folder of the server you ran this process earlier. Because, sometimes it will pick the nuget package that was already installed in the nuget folder within the server as the versions are same.

  2. If there is any code change in the library, it will not automatically update in the project. You’ve to update manually.

Hi @Ritesh_Burman

  1. Publish the updated process to your Orchestrator tenant. Make sure to select the appropriate environment and process version.
  2. In Orchestrator, go to the “Processes” section and locate your updated process. Verify that the library version displayed for the process is the new version you upgraded.


No. You have to update each project so its project.json file has the new version of the package listed.