Local vs Program Data


Does anyone @badita or @andrzej.kniola (looking at you two!) have a definitive answer as to where the very latest version of Orchestrator 2018.2.3 should be publishing to? It seems to sometimes publish to C:\ProgramData\UiPath\packages

other times it goes to C:\Users\user.name.nuget\packages.

Is this a recent change or is something in the configuration causing differences? 2018.1.4 seems to publish to Program Data. However, the machines we’re testing on are not on the same domain so this isn’t a completely fair test.



Local Publishing (no Orchestrator) is done in Programdata folder by default, regardless of robot/studio version.

Thanks Gabriel, that’s really helpful. When trying to publish processes previously it seemed to be publishing okay but no package was created in Orchestrator - my guess is that something in settings is pointing to the local directory (not sure why). Then Orch has access problems when trying to do anything with that folder.

We rolled back to 2018.1 for this reason so I’ll keep investigating and let you know if there are any updates. I’m glad it’s supposed to be going to Program Data though, that makes much more sense :slight_smile: