Publish Cancelled or Compilation Failed

Well, this is happening for the first time when I am publishing the automation.
actually, I downloaded the data from a website for the practice and now am not able to publish it.

check this loop

Thanks for sharing but I didn’t understand anything from this. :sweat_smile:

from the screenshot I can see some workflow you are using is not there check whether you have deleted it .

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Hello @Anirudh_Tugawe

  1. Checking your internet connection.
  2. Verifying Orchestrator connection if applicable.
  3. Ensuring project dependencies and packages are correct.
  4. Clearing the NuGet cache.
  5. Reinstalling UiPath packages.
  6. Checking project configurations and dependencies.
  7. Trying to publish to a different location.
  8. Ensuring UiPath Studio version compatibility with Orchestrator.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

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