Unable to publish package to orchestrator

Hi Mates,

I am unable to publish package to orchestrator.
Below is the error I am getting.

Not sure about the error message as what is missing.


Kindly check once with the Testing.xaml in your project
It has some validation error as mentioned below in red lines
If that is cleared you will be able to execute or publish the package
And it seems like we haven’t passed few arguments in some of the activities I used that xaml

Cheers @Ashish_Verma

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@Palaniyappan Thanks Mate! I was able to solve the issue.
Actually there are multiple workflow within the same process. Testing.xaml was one of them and since I was not working on it as it was not required in my process , I deleted the same and I was able to publish the package.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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