Public Apps "Process Error. Process could not be started"

Anyone else experiencing this error after deploying their Apps set to public access?

Process could not be started. Please check the configuration for this process in orchestrator or contact your admin.


I have the App deployed in the same Folder in the Tenant where the Process resides. Wanted to know if there are any others bumping into this issue?



Please check this

Hope this helps


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@argin.lerit ,

There is a glitch seems, Process never start from Public apps, I have faced this issue into past and reported it.

@evan.cohen @Venkata_Rajendran


@Arvind_Kumar1 Just to confirm - are you providing the permissions as suggested by @evan.cohen ? For details you could refer to this documentation - near the last section in this doc it specifies which permissions you need.

@Ayush_Jain ,

Yes we have given all the tenant and folder level permission.

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