Modifying robot settings in Orchestrator, settings change is not applied in the uipath.settings

The settings have been imported to Orchestrator and it is saved in Database.
This is not getting reflected in UiPath.settings anymore. If the settings are enabled on Orchestrator side than the settings will be picked from there only and not from UiPath.setting file.

If the settings are not enabled from Orchestrator end then only it will be picked from UiPath.settings file.

The Orchestrator settings overwrites the settings applied on UiPath Robot settings .

Considering the below example .
The settings related to logging , console, width will be applied which has been set in Orchestrator as they are turned “ON”
Where as the Resolution Height which is in “OFF” state , the settings applied in the uipath.settings file will be taken into cosideration .

Hope this is helpful.