Programming a stock price bot


I have programmed a bot that fetches stock prices from the Frankfurt stock exchange. When I run it, it produces a very simple excel file that looks like this:

As of now, the bot is attended and overwrites the field “last price” every time I run it.

My end goal is to program an unattended bot that:

  1. Starts a new column every time the function is activated
  2. Repeats this function every hour
  3. Names the column after time of day (optional)

I need help quickly. Does anyone know how to do this or can show me a tutorial that explains how to program something like this?

My current workflow:

Hi @AL1,

Since, you already have Excel installed and specifically if it is offfice 365, I would have chosen an alternative way of doing this.

  1. Excel has inbuilt functions to parse a set of name your are interested in and can fetch you all the required values for that ticker.

    Other parameters for each ticker

  2. Similar functions exists in Google Sheets as well, which is much more robust in my experience since it natively uses GoogleFinance. Read more here Add financial data to a spreadsheet - Google Workspace Learning Center

Hi @jeevith!
Thanks for the advice, I didn’t know you can do that in Excel. I will keep it in mind for the future.

But my problem is that I have to program this in UiPath because I am writing a diploma thesis and need an easy-to-understand unattended demonstration bot, so I thought this would be a good showcase.

The other bot I have is an attended RPA that tells you the weather, but I need this one as well.

Hi @AL1,

I see. Then I would suggest you change approach and use real life usecases for both your attended and unattended robots. Your thesis ideal should try to develop something novel. Now since you know that there is a easier way to achieve the end goal, it is difficult to defend the use of a RPA robot.

The person reviewing your thesis can easily challenge both your attended and unattended robot ideas. He/She can say that this can be achieved natively in Excel and GoogleSheets. That is not a spot you want to be in.

My aim with this reply is to challenge you to develop and write about real-world attended and unattended RPA robot scenarios. If your automations (practical work) can wow them, you definitely are going to do well in the evaluation.

If you in addition do some metrics on your collected data using the robot, may be it can be a better use case. For example, once the robot gets the ticker prices, it calculates 21 day moving average (Moving Average Chart Definition and Uses), Bollinger bands on your ticker data (Bollinger Bands®: Calculations and Indications) and some other indicators and using those indicators it makes some suggestion to buy or hold or sell. This can be value addition. (How accurate rules perform is another thing you can evaluate.)

If you want to get some more ideas for automations, take a look at this post : Need ideas to develop POC - #9 by jeevith

I wish you success with your thesis. :+1: