2nd queue item processing speed dropping

I have an issue when I am trying to process items from orchestrator queue in UI path, the 1st item is processed in 1 min whithout any problems. But when UI path runs second item it performes each stem 10 times slower making process to crash. I have set up that system reboots after such case and process next item, but then again 1 item is processed in normal speed but 2nd item processing crashes due to speed.

Any idea what could solve this?
Thank you in advance!

small coment I am using Robotics enterprise framework, if that helps?

Try to start your workflow for every case from the beginning (as a test run). You will check if the problem is inside the robot or maybe something with the machine

You can use click activities with “SimulateClick”. Same for the type “SimulateTyping”

These things make processes quicker.

Change property value of waitforready to none for click activities.

It will drastically improves the processing speed.

Karthik Byggari

then the question is why 1st item is processed so much faster than second one, as the settings that are applied to items doesn’t change. Only variables and arguments are replaced with new ones.