Process to stop another process launch by orchestrator


We are working on a recovery mode.
When we launch a Process A, we want to check if Process A or B are always running and if so, we want to terminate / cancel these Process directly into an activity.

So we would like to know if there is a mean to call an API / an activity / or anything else in order to stop dynamically a process launched by the Orchestrator ?

I’ve found the Orchestrator API but it seams it only permits to get the information of a running job but nothing to cancel it.

Thanks and regards.


It is possible (check the Orchestrator Guide and API).

There are actually two way of achieving this:

  • stop job - you need to use the ShouldStop activity and when that activity is encountered the process will exit
  • terminate job - will immediately kill the running process
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I find it.
I have now to understand how this API works
Maybe I will come back to you :slight_smile:

Hello Badita,
I hope you’re fine.
I need help to authenticate to the Orchestrator API.
I make a HTTP POST Request, specifying :

  • the EndPoint
  • the Content-Type
  • the json file with the connection information in the body
    but I get an error in the response :
    “message”:“An internal error occurred during your request!”,
    I can’t find where could be the error…