How to stop a unattend process

This process keep in assistant running queue never success and fail,How can I stop it with Orchestrator?

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Hey @jing.he

You triggered a process from Assistant & you need to stop it from Orchestrator right ?


Why would you need to stop it with Orchestrator? Stop it the same way you started it - either through Studio or Assistant.

Hi Nithin,
I triggered it with time trigger in Orchestrator and I chose Can’t be stopped from Assistant. Any way to stop it will be ok.
Thank u~

I started it form Orchestrator’s time trigger.

you need to stop it from orchestrator of course, to run multiple processes in the same session you will need a special kind of license


Where I can stop it ? Which button or page?

go to the folder which you have triggered the process, then go automations then jobs it should appear here with running info

then hit the 3 points in the right and just click kill process or stop process


Stop only works if you have the Should Stop activity in your code and have logic to actually stop when the stop command is detected.

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