Process finished due to no more transaction data

Hi i’m struck at advanced training assignment 1 .
i have problem in getting transaction data the error says
“Process finished due to no more transaction data”
here is my .xaml file please help me with this.
Main.xaml (54.1 KB)

Hey @Shree_Vybhavi,
Can you show me a screenshot of the SetTransactionStatus.xaml workflow?

Hi thank you for response &
here is the screenshot …

Hello @Shree_Vybhavi,
Could you please upload the zip file with all the workflows.I’ll have to check it , seems like the arguments are not passed correctly

Main ZIP (7.0 KB)
Here is the zip file thank you.

Its containing only the main file! i will need all the invoked workflows!

Before that i see that you have invoked ExtractWorkItems in the get transactions state as well which shouldnt be there!
It only has to be in the init state!

Since Worklist item was coming empty i did like that .(Invoking extracted work-item workflow in get transaction ).

Is your scraping result correct?
Between the ExtractWorkItems invoking and the closeWorklow invoking in the init state, i’d like you to add a writeline with
If its greater than 0 it means scraping is correct

I have it now, you can take down the above comment now :slight_smile:
Solutions shouldn’t be posted.
Also try doing what i stated in the previous comment and let me know what you get

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Yes ‘wlist.count’ is 15

I wanted you to print the value for In_WList in the init state to check if the arguments are retrieved properly!
Would you please print the length of In_WList above invoke worklow for ‘CloseWorkflow’ please?

yes i’ll try that.

If that comes out right too,
you can remove ExtractWorkItems that you invoked in the getTransaction state
And in the out_WList argument of ExtractWorkItems give WList instead of in_WList

The value for out_Wlist argument of ExtractWorkItems and the value for in_Wlist argument of GetTransactionData must be the same!