Process stoped because of "Process finished due to no more transaction data"

Process finished due to no more transaction data

Make sure you are adding the queues correctly to the orchestrator. The error states that the queue you gave is empty

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Why did i need a queue ? i have only one robot to run

This is the problem ?

As you are using ReFramework, which is meant to be used when you have to process some set of data one after the other after adding all the data in queues of the Orchestrator, it will pick one after the other.

Please go through ReFramework documentation so that you can get the entire theme of the framework and the advanced level 3 training in academy.

If you don’t want to process the queues, then you can simply comment out the activities which are related to queue


@HareeshMR Can you explain me more about the queues plz ?

Please have a look at this

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just to be clear, queues helps to manage many robots nn ?

No, queues help to manage transaction items to be taken by a bot/bots for processing. Your bot is not populating the transaction data table variable with any items (io_TransactionData, DataTable variable). This is why it is returning the message you see.

So what i have to do ?

It tells you there in the Framework notes:

"Get a transaction item from a specified source (e.g., Orchestrator queues, spreadsheets, databases, mailboxes or web APIs).

If there are no transaction items remaining, out_TransactionItem is set to Nothing, which leads to the End Process state.

For cases in which there is only a single transaction (i.e., a linear process), use an If activity to check whether the argument in_TransactionNumber has the value 1 (meaning it is the first and only transaction) and assign the transaction item to out_TransactionItem. For any other value of in_TransactionNumber, out_TransactionItem should be set to Nothing.

If there are multiple transactions, use the argument in_TransactionNumber as an index to retrieve the correct transaction to be processed. If there are no more transactions left, it is necessary to set out_TransactionItem to Nothing, thus ending the process."

Can you help me step by step to solve this plz ?

What i have to do first?

Understand what a transaction item refers to in your intended automation.

Then get the details of that transaction (e.g. file name, file path, data in the file) and populate a queue. That queue can be a spreadsheet, an orchestrator queue, a database.

Then, once you have that, you should have process data in the io_TransactionData datatable. The ReFramework is designed to then cycle through each of these, and using the data for each item in the “Process Transaction” step.

You do not have a problem to solve here. You need to understand how the framework works.

There is a RE Freamwork in french plz ?

contact UiPath

how can i do that, this forum is not a Uipath forum ?

Yes, though you may be best to download the French version of Studio

The Framework comes packaged, along with a user guide.

However, best to look at the training on the UiPath academy

No i am talking about a french video non french studio

You may find some in French here, not sure…contact the UiPath team for info