Process runs from UiPath Assistant, but fails with selector error from Orchestrator with unattended

the process is working perfectly with the assisant but once run the process from orchestrator it failed , it happend with selector ( click, type into, etc…) , excel
the same process working from both ( orchestrator and assisant ) into another virtual machine(V1) but failed with v2, they both have the same resolution config


Did you check Simulate Type or Send Window Message for that Click and Type Into activities ? If not then use any one property and check it once.

i check these but same thing

Hey @issiaka.koita

  1. Try to add some delays near the activity its failing
  2. manually check the code on v2(if possible) that it has valid selector or not
  3. Try to enable simulate click irrespective of how it is on v1

Let me know if any of this helps

change and force the v2 to stay on live ( which mean no sign just close the window on v2), and wont work if sign out

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